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The purpose of United Nuclear Scientific Supplies, LLC  is to maintain the availability of scientific equipment, supplies & chemicals to the general public, experimenters, and learning institutions.
In the 1970s, chemicals and scientific equipment were available at any local Hobby shop, and chemistry sets were commonplace. These days, similar equipment & supplies is unavailable or very difficult to find. In some states, even commonplace laboratory glassware - such as beakers and flasks - are illegal to own. This is absurd - and regulations that outlaw access to these basic scientific equipment & supplies must be fought. Experimenters with access to these common educational materials today become the inventors and technology developers of tomorrow. Currently, both private and public schools (as well as other learning institutions) are removing chemicals & glassware from their chemistry labs, electronic components from their engineering classes... along with many other important pieces of "hands-on" learning equipment.  In exchange, they have students conduct experiments on computer or simply read text instead of actually coming into contact with the equipment & materials they are learning about.
Professors & teachers we have spoken with completely disagree with this concept.

It is our intention make these basic scientific supplies as well as difficult to find, rare & unusual science-related products once again available to the hobbyist, teacher, experimenter, and professional organizations.

Company Layout

The reason a lot of these supplies are no longer avalable is because of liability. Most companies will not sell chemicals or similar products directly to the consumer. To get around this problem, Unted Nuclear Scientific,LLC. was formed with a unique layout. United Nuclear does not own any inventory or produce any income. Everything is technically either on loan or consignment. Any profit it turned directly back into the company. The single person who owns United Nuclear has no assets or income. This company layout makes it a very unpofitable target for legal action. UNSS also designs and develops a variety of other proprietary & classified projects that it's obligated to keep under wraps - but remains primarily focused on keeping scientific equipment, chemicals and supplies available to everyone.
Stay Tuned... there are some amazing things to come from us in the future.


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