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RadBlock - iOSAT Potassium Iodide Pills

RadBlock - iOSAT Potassium Iodide Pills


iOSAT Potassium Iodide Pills

FDA Approved

In keeping with our policy to supply only the best available products and following the new guidelines handed out by the FDA,
United Nuclear Scientific now only sells iOSAT, the only FDA approved Potassium Iodide pills.
iOSAT received its approval from the US Food and Drug Administration in 1982, and is the only full-strength tablet for radiation blocking which may now legally be sold in the US. Only iOSTAT has passed all FDA tests for purity, quality, safety and efficacy.
Following the meltdown at Three Mile Island nuclear plant in 1979, iOSAT was developed for protection from an accidental or terrorist related release of radioactive iodine from a nuclear power plant or nuclear weapon.
In the event of a radioactive release, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission recommends evacuation as your first line of defense followed by Potassium Iodide treatment when certain conditions warrant. Each pack of iOSAT contains fourteen 130 mg pills. Normal adult dosage is 1 pill per day.
Shelf life is guaranteed 7 years.

New Dosage Guidelines
The evaluation of the effectiveness of KI (following its wide use at Chernobyl) has determined that the product is more effective than originally thought, and that smaller doses are adequate to achieve thyroid protection in children. This has led the FDA to issue new guidelines that reduce the amount of KI needed to achieve the minimally effective dose, as indicated below:

Adults and children over 150lbs 130mg 130mg
Children aged 3 to 18 (under 150lbs) 130mg 65mg
Young children (one year to 3 years) 130mg 32mg
Young children (one month to one year) 65mg 32mg
Infants (birth through one month) 65mg 16mg

Use only as directed by state or local public health authorities in the event of a radiation emergency. Store at room temperature. Keep package dry and foil packets intact.

IOSTAT Potassium Iodide Pills: $19.00/pack
Each pack contains 14 pills ( a 2 week supply for one adult )

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