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Poster - \'Arachnidia\' Spiders, 52 Specimens, 24\"x36\"

Poster - 'Arachnidia' Spiders, 52 Specimens, 24"x36"



  • Easily identify 52 different ticks, spiders, socorpions, and other things she asks you to kill in the house.
  • Measures 24"x36" 
  • Sealed in a highly durable & crystal clear plastic laminate
  • Packed carefully to avoid dents & scratches
Eight legged freaks! This detailed poster features 52 different arachnids that will surely put a scare in your date (leading her right into your arms). Arachnids vary greatly in size from thousanths of an inch in body length (mites) to nearly a foot (tarantulas). Australians are known to keep giant scorpions as house pets due to their warped sense of reality. 

Despite their reputation, Spiders are overwhelmingly calm, docile, and non-venemous. Here in Oregon, we experience a biblical migration of Orb Weavers during the late summer months and they are critical in keeping the plague of Midges under control. 

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