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Distillation Set - 500 ml

Distillation Set - 500 ml


500 ml Distillation Set

This laboratory quality distillation set is fabricated from uniform thickness heat resistant Borosilicate (Pyrex® type) glass. Unlike inexpensive distillation sets, ours features ground glass on all fittings (standard 24/40 size) so you can distill acids and other highly corrosive substances without concern. Ground glass fittings also eliminate the contamination from rubber stoppers. Our laboratory Distillation Apparatus can be used to produce high purity water, manufacture perfumes, concentrate acids, phenol, fractional distillation, determination of boiling point, etc. Expertly packed in a custom cut foam block to assure damage-free delivery.

The set includes everything shown - the Support Stand, Clamps, and of course the Glassware. This Distillation set employs an oversized 300 mm Graham Condenser for maximum efficiency, 500 ml boiling flask with side delivery tube, and 250ml Erlenmeyer receiving flask. Our Pump Set works great with this unit and frees you from being tied to a water faucet.

Set includes:

- 500 ml Boiling Flask with side tube and glass stopper
- 300 mm Graham Condenser
- 250 ml Erlenmeyer receiving flask
- Support Stand (6" x 9") with 24" rod
- Lined extension clamp
- Swivel Burette Clamp
- Clamp holders, 2 each

500ml Distillation Set, complete: $199.00

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