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Uranium Ore Fragments

Uranium Ore Fragments



  • Great for testing Geiger Counters & Cloud Chambers.
  • 5 dram glass vial provides safe storage and first-level radiation shielding.

  • Certificate of authenticity included.

  • Awesome gift for junior physicists and curious colleagues. 


With over 25 years of experience, United Nuclear is the most trusted name in Uranium Ore. We provide to everyone from the US military, government agencies, professional labs, teachers, amateur scientists, mineral collectors,
and anyone inbetween who just needs some quality Uranium ore.

We've been selling Uranium Ore for decades and our Ore Vials are the #1 favorite amongst teachers and parents looking to generate scientific interest in their kids. Our vials are affordable, easy to store, and sure to be a unique addition to the curriculum.
Each and every vial contains Uranium Ore samples that have been hand sorted by our experienced technicians. While every individual chunk or granule is a genuine piece of Uranium ore, not every single fragment will be radioactive.
However, the vial as a whole is guaranteed to be.
All of our Uranium Ore is prospected once a year. Since we mainly prospect in New Mexico and Utah, typical Uranium mineral composition will be: Uraninite (Black & Glossy), Pitchblende (Black), Carnotite (Yellow), and Gummite (Reddish Brown).
In addition to being a teacher's aid, our Uranium Ore vials are great for Uranium Extraction experiments, Cloud Chamber experiments, testing Geiger Counters,
and radioactive material training exercises.


Product Notes:

  • Using a standard geiger counter with a beta/gamma 'hot dog' probe, the pile of ore chunks or granules from a vial will generally read between 3,000 CPM to 5,000 CPM on direct contact. However, it's always possible there might be some high level fragments which could boost the reading as high as 10,000 CPM. If your geiger counter uses a pancake probe, reading can be in the 20,000 to 80,000 range. Left inside the vial, the chunks/granules will read about 500 CPM to 2,000 CPM measured directly against the vial glass.

  • Readings will always vary depending on the type, size and sensitivity probe used as well as the type of radiation measuring device you are using.

  • Certificate of ore composition and measured radioactivity is included.


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