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Crooke\'s Tube - Magnetic/Electrostatic Deflection

Crooke's Tube - Magnetic/Electrostatic Deflection


Magnetic/Electrostatic Deflection Tube

Deflection Tube energized.

This Crookes tube consists of a thin aluminum sheet with a thin slit in it near one electrode. The slit allows a narrow beam of electrons to pass through the opening that impact a phosphor coated screen along the length of the tube. When energized, the tube produces a bright green line on the phosphor screen clearly showing the electron beam.
The Magnetic Deflection version has no additional electrodes and permits the user to hold a small magnet at any point along the length of the tube, attracting or repelling the electron beam and observing the beam deflection.
The tube measures about 11" long and 2" in diameter and come with a stand as shown.
Tubes require a high voltage DC power supply to operate.
You can find our High Voltage DC Power Supply Here

Crookes Tube - Magnetic Deflection: $85.00

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