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X-Ray Tube

X-Ray Tube


X-Ray Tube

Following some basic safety precautions, you can assemble and safely operate an amateur X-Ray machine to produce amazing X-Ray images (radiographs) and conduct experiments with this unique form of energy. The first and most important thing you'll need in the construction of your X-Ray machine is the heart of the device, an X-Ray tube. Professional X-Ray tubes produce tremendous amounts of X-Rays, are extremely dangerous, very expensive, and require licensing buy and own.

Fortunately, there is another way to produce X-Rays without the restrictions and expense of a professional X-Ray tube. Although our X-Ray tubes are not as powerful as commercial tubes, they are far safer, do not require licensing, and are ideal for amateur X-Ray experimentation - not to mention making great X-Ray images. Legally, they are not considered 'true' X-Ray tubes because they only produce X-Rays as a byproduct of their normal operation. We carefully test, grade and select the tubes with the highest X-Ray output to meet our stringent requirements. All our X-Ray tubes are fully tested & guaranteed to produce X-Ray radiation.

No complex electronics or equipment is required. Simply connect the X-Ray tube to any high voltage DC power source that can supply at least 20,000 volts and ~presto~ you've got X-Rays.

Our 25 kV High Voltage Power Supply is ideal for powering these X-Ray tubes. We insist safety be put first when assembling any X-Ray device, so we include some of our RadMax® radiation shielding with the tube. Basic instructions, assembly tips and information are of course also included. For additional shielding, see our Radiation Protection page.
WARNING - never X-Ray any portion of your body or other living thing.

Aside from producing radiographs and conducting experiments, learning the basics of radiation physics and seeing it first hand can be quite rewarding.
Radiographs can be produced with this tube using standard 400 speed B&W sheet film.

If you're looking for a really unique and impressive Science Fair project, the home built X-Ray machine certainly fits the bill.

Warning: - X-Ray radiation can be dangerous as well as the high voltages that are required to run this tube.
This is not a project for novice experimenters. You should be very familiar with high voltage circuits, general electrical principles, the properties of radiation and safety precautions, unless being supervised by someone who is intimately familiar with these topics.

X-Ray tube shown in the operational testing configuration. A United Nuclear High Voltage Power Supply is connected to the X-Ray tube, producing radiation detected by the probe below, registering on the geiger counter.
In typical applications, the tube would be surrounded by a lead shield with a slit or opening in it to permit the X-Rays to exit unimpeded only in one direction.

Equipment & setup shown above is for demonstration & test purposes only and is not included with the X-Ray Tube.
It is also not the recommended way to mount or use the tube.
X-Ray tube should be mounted in a shielded enclosure or chassis with an opening provided for X-Rays to exit.

X-Ray Tube, RadMax® shielding & instructions: $55.00

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