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Tiny Mounted Trinitite Sample

Tiny Mounted Trinitite Sample


Tiny Mounted Trinitite Sample

Tiny, very affordable Trinitite samples. These thumbnail Trinitite samples measure about 1/2" across and are mounted on heavy-stock, high-gloss Kodak photo paper with a thick cardboard backing. The image printed is an atomic detonation with an informative description of Trinitite and its origin. Overall size is 5" x 7". A certificate of authenticity is included. The small pad that the Trinitite is mounted on glows in the dark making the sample look quite impressive in dim light. All Trinitite is slightly radioactive, but safe to examine and handle.

An independent researcher at Georgia Tech analyzed our Trinitie and provides additional interesting information as well as technical data, graphs & charts which can be found by Clicking Here

Tiny Mounted Trinitite Sample: $69.00

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