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Micro Glassware Set

Micro Glassware Set


Micro Glassware Set

For those of you with a need for specialized small glassware, we've assembled a micro set for you. Perfect for dealing with small amounts of material. Like all our glassware, this set is fabricated from top quality heat resistant Borosilicate (Pyrex-type) glass. This glassware can be used for applications up to 500°C (930°F). They can withstand higher temperatures and fairly rapid changes in temperature/thermal shocks. Perfect for all laboratory uses.

Glassware Set Includes:
One 10 ml Beaker
One 25 ml Erlenmeyer Flask
One 25 ml Round Bottom Flask
One 10 ml Graduated Cylinder
Two #3 Rubber Stoppers

Micro Glassware Set: $15.50

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