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Magnesium Metal Ribbon

Magnesium Metal Ribbon


Magnesium Ribbon
chemical element: Mg
( thin metal ribbon )
Pure Magnesium Ribbon, standard 1/8" wide
ribbon, 25 gram roll. Magnesium is a chemical element; atomic number 12. Lots of interesting uses. Light a small piece, and it burns with a blinding, brilliant white light that is amazing.  Like all pure Magnesium Ribbon, you can light it with a butane lighter or propane torch, although it takes about 10 seconds in the upper part of the flame to get started. Do not stare directly at burning Magnesium fires, they are extremely bright and rich in UV light - Eye damage can result.

MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet )

Shipping Restriction (info) No
Hazmat Fee (info) No
Adult Signature Required (info) No
Quantity Restriction (info) No

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