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Gallium Metal
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Gallium Metal


Gallium Metal
chemical element: Ga
( chunks )
Small, ultra pure quantities of the element Gallium (atomic number 31), ideal for element collectors or those conducting experiments/producing alloys with pure Gallium metal. Gallium metal has an astonishingly low melting temperature of 85.6 °F, it will actually melt in your hand!  It also expands by over 3% when solidifying, so it should not be stored in glass or metal containers as they will break when the metal solidifies. Gallium also corrodes most other metals by diffusing into their metal lattice. Gallium reacts with most metals - it is very important to keep Gallium away from any type of metal containers such as Steel or Aluminum.
Available in 5, 10, 50, or 100 gram quantities. Select container size below.

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