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Zirconium Metal

Zirconium Metal


chemical element: Zr
( sheet/foil )
High purity Zirconium metal . Zirconium is a chemical element; atomic number 40. Excellent high-purity Zirconium foil for all laboratory & nuclear applications. Zirconium is highly resistant to corrosion and with its high melting temperature of 3,771 degrees, it is often used in high performance metal alloys for aerospace and in reactors. Powdered Zirconium is highly flammable and pyrophoric, finding use in explosives. The low neutron cross-section makes Zirconium metal useful in the nuclear industry. Our Zirconium metal is in thin sheet/foil, 0.05 mm thick. It is supplied in a strip measuring approximately 6" long x 1" wide.

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