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Beryllium Metal

Beryllium Metal


Beryllium Metal
chemical element: Be
( spheres/blobs )
High purity (99.9%) Beryllium metal.

Very unusual and difficult to obtain metal element. Extremely lightweight, with a high melting point of 2,349F, Beryllium finds many uses in the aerospace industry. Our Beryllium comes in the form of small spheres or blobs - the quantity is at least 1 gram. It is free of any Beryllium dust or powder. Beryllium will emit neutrons when hit with Alpha radiation. Use Deuterium Oxide (Heavy Water) or polyethylene to slow neutrons when conducting neutron experiments.

CAUTION: Beryllium dust is toxic. Use normal safety precautions (wear a filter mask/respirator and gloves) if you are grinding or cutting Beryllium metal. Accidental inhalation of Beryllium dust particles can be dangerous.

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MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet )

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