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Thermite Powder - High Yield
  • Model: USA Only

Thermite Powder - High Yield

Thermite is a pyrotechnic composition that when ignited, burns at an incredibly high temperature while also producing molten iron. It will burn through, or weld steel together.
Thermite can be difficult to ignite, not even a propane torch is hot enough to ignite it and get the reaction started. Typically, Thermite Ignition mixture is used, although sometimes burning magnesium ribbon will work.
Our Thermite is premixed and ready to use - perfect for burning through, or welding metals together. Ordinary Thermite uses red iron oxide and produces approximately 851 kJ of energy.
Our high performance black iron oxide formula produces a massive 3347 kJ of energy. Thermite is great for casting metal parts in sand, welding iron together, or cutting through steel sheet. Makes for an awesome chemistry demonstration that students won't forget.


Key Features:

  • Pre-mixed and ready to use, no need for measuring & sifting messy chemicals.
  • Easily punctures through steel, titanium, and nickel; burns at a whopping 4500°F!
  • Ignition Mix is STRONGLY recommended. Thermite is difficult to ignite on its own (even under a blow torch). 
  • Pairs well with Magnesium Ribbon.
  • Ceramic Plant Pots work well as sacrificial funnels. Thermite is much more potent when focused.

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