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Sodium Polyacrylate

Sodium Polyacrylate


Sodium Polyacrylate
chemical formula: CH2-CH(CO2Na)
( granular )
Sodium Polyacrylate is an acrylate polymer which can absorb between 200 and 300 times its own weight of water. It is one of the superabsorbent polymer gels, known as a polyelectrolyte. This long-chain polymer is absolutely amazing to see absorb water and expand to 40 times its original volume! A great demo is to put 10 grams in a large beaker and quickly pour in 200 ml of water. In about 2 seconds, the Sodium Polyacrylate will erupt into a gigantic pile of what looks like artificial snow. It will feel cool to the touch (due to evaporation) but will remain completely dry. Best of all, just allow the material to dry out, and it will return to its original volume. It can be reused indefinitely. Other than the erupting snow demonstration, there are an infinite amount of possible uses for this unique material. Completely safe & non-toxic.

MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet )

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