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MagnaView Fluid

MagnaView Fluid


MagnaView Fluid is a colloidal suspension of microscopic, individual magnets - not metal particles - microscopic magnets, in a liquid carrier.
These tiny magnetic particles have an average size of about 10 nanometers, and are coated with a stabilizing dispersing agent which prevents the particles from sticking together even when a strong magnetic field is applied. In the absence of a magnetic field, the magnetic polarity of the particles are randomly distributed, and the fluid has no net magnetization.
However, when a magnetic field is applied to MagnaView Fluid, the magnetic polarities of the particles orient along the field lines almost instantly and the fluid itself conforms to the magnetic field.
Since MagnaView Liquid responds immediately to changes in an applied magnetic field, when the
field is removed, the magnetic particles once again randomize quickly.

MagnaView liquid is ideal for demonstrating the effects of magnetic fields and is also very useful in experimentation with magnetic fluid flow control.

For demonstration, simply place a few drops of MagnaView Fluid in a small dish.
Place a magnet
under the dish, moving the magnet around, and at various distances from the dish.
The patterns and shapes the liquid will form into are amazing.

MagnaView Fluid will cling directly to magnets and form a small 'frictionless' envelope around them.

A really surprising experiment is to take a small sphere magnet (one of our 1/4" diameter sphere magnets works great) and place it in a dish. Put a couple drops of MagnaView Fluid on the small sphere magnet.
The MagnaView Fluid will instantly envelop the sphere magnet forming an almost frictionless bearing.

Move the dish around a bit and watch the MagnaView Fluid coated magnet race around and bounce off the walls with virtually no friction at all... almost as if it were floating. Although it does cling to magnets, MagnaView Fluid can be wiped off with a paper or cloth towel. A little goes a long way...
Please note that MagnaView Fluid can stain - it looks like (and stains like) used motor oil - so be careful allowing younger experimenters to use the material in the house without supervision.

MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet )

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