MIXED ORES - 18K / 100K CPM - sample #0103

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URANIUM ORE: Carnotite/Gummite/Uraninite
WEIGHT: 279 grams
SIZE: 4"

This powerful sample contains brown Gummite, yellow Carnotite and areas of black Uraninite. It emits a stout 18,000 CPM on a beta/gamma probe and 100,000 CPM on a pancake probe. Aside from mineral collections, it is well suited for geology instruction & classroom use. Its powerful radiation emission allows it to be used as a strong radiation source as well as for Uranium extraction experiments.
From Poison Canyon, north of Grants, NM.
Please Note - all our Uranium Ore Samples are unique - that is, there is only one of each. As soon as it it sold, it is gone - and we have no guarantee that we will be able to restock a similar mineral sample.

As with all our Uranium ore samples, a certificate stating your sample's precise radiation measurement & associated information is included with your purchase. Click Here for more info.

Radiation Level 'G' (15,500 - 18,000 CPM)

Uranium Ore Sample #0103: $95.00

Sold Out
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