Cloud Chamber

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Cloud Chamber

The CloudTracker2®
View actual tracks made by nuclear particles - in real time!

Finally, an affordable, high performance Cloud Chamber perfect for schools, science fairs, laboratories, and hobbyists. View dramatic tracks left by high-speed Alpha & Beta particles, perform experiments that demonstrate Compton scattering, beta deflection and the photoelectric effect. View cosmic Rays as they arrive from outer space and pass through the chamber..... and much more!
An absolutely fascinating piece of equipment that will captivate viewers for hours!

Award winning performance in science fairs

Here's how it works:
Pure isopropyl alcohol is warmed to ambient room temperature by a heat sink located on the top of a glass chamber. The alcohol evaporates and its dense vapors drift down and begin to fill the chamber. As more and more of the alcohol evaporates, the air inside the chamber becomes heavily saturated. Located at the bottom of the chamber is a thick copper 'condenser plate'. This plate has a large copper ring fused to it which is cooled to very low temperatures with Dry Ice. The copper ring transfers the low temperature in the dry ice reservoir  to the condenser plate.
The warm alcohol vapor from above, and the cold condenser plate below creates a steep temperature gradient. The result is a very unique environment of supersaturated alcohol vapor between two temperature extremes within the chamber. This can be seen in the chamber by the presence of fine alcohol "fog" that forms, drifting down to the condenser plate.
 When a radioactive source is placed in the chamber, high-speed nuclear particles pass through the alcohol vapor and leave ionization trails. As the alcohol is in a supersaturated state, the vapor readily condenses onto these trails producing large cloud tracks that follow the path of the particles. These cloud trails are readily visible, similar to the familiar contrails produced by high altitude aircraft on cold days.
A strong electric field (2,000 volts) is used to draw cloud tracks down to the sensitive region of the chamber which is located just above the condenser plate. The electric field also serves to increase the sensitivity of the chamber and to prevent large amounts of alcohol "rain" from obscuring the sensitive region.
 The black background makes it easier to observe cloud tracks and a bright white light illuminates the chamber from the side, making them very visible against the dark background.

What's Included:
Everything you need to use the CloudTracker ® cloud chamber and view nuclear particle tracks is included with your purchase, except for the Dry Ice. Dry Ice is fairly inexpensive and can be purchased at most larger grocery stores or any ice supply store.
1 pint of pure Isopropyl alcohol is included (enough for dozens of experiments) as well as a small
radioactive source that emits Alpha particles. Optional radioactive isotope sources can also be purchased that emit other types of radiation for a variety of different experiments.

All our radioactive isotope sources are produced by an NRC licensed manufacturer in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and shipped to you direct from there.
 This ensures your radioactive sources are factory-fresh and haven't been sitting on the shelf decaying for years.

In addition, you can insert your own radioactive materials into the cloud chamber (Uranium ore, radium watch hands, etc.) and view the nuclear particles produced by them.

A step-by-step Illustrated instruction booklet is included.


  • Simple to operate.
  • Thick, pure Copper plate used for rapid & efficient chamber cooling.
  • All Copper joints are Silver soldered for maximum strength and resistance to thermal shock.
  • Safe, low current & reliable 2,000 volt power supply.
  • Built-in flexible lighting for illuminating cloud tracks.
  • Insulated cooling receptacle permits very long viewing times while consuming little Dry Ice.

CloudTracker® Cloud Chamber: $369.00

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