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\'Fallout Shelter\' Sign

'Fallout Shelter' Sign


Fallout Shelter Sign

Fallout Shelter
Aluminum Sign

Brand New, vintage 1960's style Fallout Shelter Sign.
Unlike the original galvanized steel signs that rusted (made in the 1960s), these are made from modern 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum and vinyl. The sign design is the original that was issued by the Department of Defense. Following the Cuban Missile crisis of 1962 the President of the United States had undertaken for the nation an accelerated and strengthened civil defense program which included a fallout shelter program - placing these signs in most schools & public buildings.
Each individual component of the graphic is cut separately from its specific colored vinyl. The components are then layered by hand to form the completed graphic. The high-quality, all weather vinyl graphics carry a 7-year exposure rating. The sign is heavy gauge 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy. Measures 18" tall x 12" wide.

Fallout Shelter Sign: $35.00

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