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Our 'Periodic Element' mugs are available for any element - from Hydrogen (atomic number 1) to Moscovium (atomic number 115). Fantastic gifts for Element Collectors, Doctors, Scientists, Chemists & Manufacturers. We frequently get large orders from manufacturers which work with a specific metal - they hand out the mugs as corporate gifts to their customers. For a $20 fee, we can add your full-color corporate logo to the mug by substituting the periodic chart graphic for your logo. Email us for details.
Each mug features a full-color periodic placard of the individual element with its associated data, such as electron configuration, melting point, etc. The reverse side is printed with an image of the entire periodic table of all the known elements. In the center, a description of the element & its properties.
Like all our mugs, this one is printed in full color, on a high gloss, 12 ounce ceramic coffee mug - dishwasher safe of course. Please don't forget to specify the element of your choice in the box below.

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