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Gibberellic Acid
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Gibberellic Acid


Gibberellic Acid Kits & Refills

Gibberellic Acid is an amazing material to experiment with - and absolutely great for science fairs. Gibberellic Acid is a very potent plant growth hormone. With very small amounts, Gibberellic Acid can enhance normal growth and quickly produce much larger, greener plants. At moderate concentrations (sprayed on seeds) GA can have a surprising effect on their development and growth. Some will germinate at a highly increased rate, other varieties of seeds will begin to grow much differently than untreated seeds and produce absolutely bizarre and unusual plans. Still other seed varieties will produce only slight changes in development. As the amount of Gibberellic Acid is increased, the change in plants becomes quite remarkable. At higher concentrations, plant growth becomes almost uncontrolled, producing incredibly large ‘mutated’ looking plants that have little resemblance to the original plant. Some will grow so tall, so fast, that the stalk will not support the plant and some sort of wooden or metal support will have to be fashioned to prevent the plant from falling over and breaking. Varying amounts do different things and different plants will produce different results. It is best used on seeds or seedlings or very young plants. The seeds just need to be sprayed and the seedlings just sprayed once in a while. Older, established plants will not show much of an effect because they have already completed the majority of their growth cycle. However, the effects on new or young plants will surprise you as they grow. One of the things the hormone does is inhibit the plant's ability to control growth length - which can produce surprising results (like 10' tall cabbage plants). Very tiny amounts are used, and a little goes a long way. It's sold in a concentrated liquid that is easily diluted to any strength desired. Our Gibberellic Acid Kit includes a 2 ounce bottle of concentrate, a graduated spray bottle and instructions. Various size Refills (just the Gibberellic Acid solution) are available.

If you're looking for a unique, safe and fun Science Fair project, Gibberellic Acid fits the bill. Simple experiments like growing a few different plants from seed, half treated with Gibberellic Acid and half grown normally are easy to do and fascinating.


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