Handmade Laboratory Drinkware

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Laboratory Drinkware

You really have to see this drinkware in person to appreciate it. These are not cheap, foreign made glasses cranked out by the hundreds in molds. Using proprietary methods, each piece is expertly handcrafted for perfect clarity and flawless functionality by glass craftsman here in the USA. These glasses are made from laboratory grade borosolicate (Pyrex type) heat resistant glass.
All variations are dishwasher safe. Each piece individually hand blown and shaped - slight variations are normal

Beaker Wine Glasses:

After a long day sometimes you need a little self-medication. Prescribe yourself 200ccs of liquid relaxation with the Laboratory Beaker Wine Glass. Repeat as necessary.
Single Wine Glass: $19.00
Set of 4 Wine Glasses: $69.00
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Beaker Highball Glasses:

The flared lip, pulled spout, and metric graduations of a laboratory beaker are fused with the elegant shape and solid base of a time honored highball glass. Proper for mixed drinks or perfect for daily table use.
Set of 2 Highball Glasses: $25.00
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Laboratory Drinkware

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