Aura VIOLET Glow Putty

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Aura Violet Glow Putty

Aura Violet Glow in the Dark Putty is hypnotic and irresistible!. Milky white in daylight, the purple/violet glow appears when the lights dim. Use any bright light to charge up (the brighter, the better). You can do cool effects with it by 'drawing' on it with a penlight or shade areas with different shapes before exposing to light. After exposure to light, the putty will glow for hours. If you illuminate Aura Putty with a Blacklight, it will glow at full brightness for as long as the light remains on. Endless fun. Never dries out. Putty is Non-Toxic, CPSIA compliant, safe for children, and Made in the USA.
Putty comes packed in a metal tin. Contains about 1/5 pound of putty.
You'll love this stuff.

Sold Out
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