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High Sensitivity Germanium Diode

High Sensitivity Germanium Diode


High Sensitivity Germanium Diode

The heart of any crystal radio is the Germanium Diode. Modern silicon diodes require too much power to operate, so they are useless in the extremely low power circuitry of a crystal radio. IN34A Germanium Diodes are not as available as they used to be and good, sensitive ones are a little difficult to find. Crystal Radio Receivers depend on the Germanium Diode?s rated Forward Voltage Drop ( The amount of voltage before is starts to conduct ). These Germanium Diodes will start to conduct around .1 volt. So a Crystal Radio Receiver will only need only to produce around .1 volt to begin to hear a station. That is the reason this diode is so popular with Crystal Radio Set Builders. Another point to keep in mind is that not all IN34A diodes are the same. We've found many sourced from China are useless and do not work at all. We test each one of our Germanium Diodes in a crystal radio circuit to verify its performance. Package of 1 diode. Quantities may be limited from time to time depending on availability.

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