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Van de Graaff Generator - 200 kV

Van de Graaff Generator - 200 kV


Van de Graaff Generator - 200,000 volts

Incredibly powerful for its size and affordable. This Van De Graaff Generator produces 'hair raising' performance without the high cost of a large Van De Graaff Unit. You can perform the same experiments as with our larger Van De Graaff Generators, but with a compact and easily portable version. Our 200 kV generator features a 7" spun aluminum oblate collector sphere, is about 18" tall and is powered by a highly reliable 110v motor. The perfect choice for tabletop classroom demonstrations or general laboratory use.

200,000 volt electrical potential (arcs to 5").
18" high with a 7" diameter spun aluminum oblate.
Spare neoprene belt included.
1-3/4" diameter clear Lucite insulator column.

High Voltage Information
While the voltage produced by this unit is high, the actual current (amperage) produced in this device is is very low. Electrical currents of this type are known as Static Electricity. Although there is little danger from the electrical charge itself, it can still produce a shock that may cause secondary harm like a small shock causing you to jump back and hit your head on something. People with cardiac pacemakers should never operate any high voltage equipment or approach it while in operation as the electrical fields produced could cause the pacemaker to be damaged or malfunction.

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