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Latex (Rubber) Tubing

Latex (Rubber) Tubing


Latex (Rubber) Tubing

> Standard rubber Tubing made from natural latex. It has been given many names. Some people call it surgical tubing, exercise or fitness tube, gum rubber tubing, and others may simply refer to it as "stretchy tubing". Our natural latex rubber tubing made by "Continuous Dip Process" creates a superior natural latex rubber tubing. The physical properties are better and the quality higher compared to tubing manufactured from dry natural or synthetic materials. Perfectly smooth pure amber latex rubber tubing for use in any laboratory or hobby application and also approved for use with pharmaceuticals, blood and intravenous solutions.
Seamless, sterilizable and free of striations for clear passage of liquids and gases. Tubing is extensively leached, washed and surface treated to virtually undetectable protein levels, which are 99.9% protein-free. Meets Federal Specifications ZZ-T831c.
Available in 3/16" ID and 1/4" ID, both with a 1/16" thick wall. If using with our 6mm Glass Tubing, choose the 3/16" size. The max. usable temperature is 158°F continuous, 212°F intermittent. It is brittle at -67°F, but flexible at 0°F.
USP biological classification IV compliant.
If you require lengths longer than 10', just email us and we'll cut you whatever length you like.

Latex Tubing
3/16" ID x 1/16" wall
5 feet$6.25
10 feet$12.50
Latex Tubing
1/4" ID x 1/16" wall
5 feet$8.75
10 feet$17.50

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