Plasma Ball


Plasma Ball

>Irresistible to touch and always an eye-catcher, we have a limited quantity of these large, 8 inch plasma balls.
The glass globe is filled with inert Neon & Xenon gases. A small high voltage generator inside the unit generates the colorful electrical discharges & ribbons of energy. Its large size makes this a great piece of decor for your bedroom, living room, office, or anywhere else, creating a science like atmosphere.
Just slide the switch to the "ON" position , this plasma sphere responds to your touch, sending rays of light wherever your fingertips go, very beautiful in the dark, which demonstrates the beautiful scientific phenomenon. Not only do the electrical discharges follow your every touch with electric beams, but they even respond to music! Slide the switch to the "AUDIO" position, the plasma lamp will like a real-life music visualizer, swirling and pulsing to the beat in unique patterns.

The unit stands about 11.5" overall. Powered by a 12 volt AC adapter (included).

Plasma Ball: $29.00

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