Indium Metal, 1kg ingot 99.995%


Indium Metal
chemical element: Au
( Ingot/bar )
Very high purity, certified 4N (99.995%) Indium metal ingot (atomic number 49).
This is a special purchase item - it is priced significantly below the current selling price for Indium metal. We only have about 6 of these 1 kg (2.2 pound) ingots in stock. Indium is an incredibly soft and unusual metal. It is used to make a wide variety of very low melting temperature alloys, some of which are even liquid at room temperature. Indium is chemically similar to Aluminum and Gallium. Compounds of it are used in light emitting electronic devices such as LEDs and touch screens. Its melting point is 313.87 °F (156.59 °C.). Available in 1 kg ingots as shown above. Weight & purity are guaranteed.

1kg Indium Metal Ingot: $399.00

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