Lithium Metal Ingot

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Lithium Metal Ingot

> High purity (>99.9%) Lithium metal slug. Weighs approximately 150 grams and measures 3" x 2.75" (measurements may vary a bit from slug to slug). If you need a big 'ole chunk of pure Lithium, this is for you. Supplied in an airtight pouch under an Argon atmosphere. Once the packet is opened, simply store the unused portion under mineral oil to prevent oxidation.
A great deal at 50 cents a gram!. 
Caution: Use safety precautions (wear eye protection and gloves) when working with Lithium metal. Violently/explosively reacts with water and may ignite on contact with air. Causes severe burns on contact with body tissue. See MSDS link below.

MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet )

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Lithium Metal Ingot: $75.00

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