Organic Lab Glassware Set


Organic Lab Glassware Set

A top quality organic chemistry glassware set. Everything you see in the image is included. All glassware is fabricated from high quality Borosilicate (Pyrex type) heat resistant glass. Ideal for setting up a lab, or general science/organic chemistry use.
Includes a sturdy storage box with foam insert.
This is a NEW item and will be part of our regular stock.

Glassware Set Includes:
One Still Head
One Receiver
One Air Leak/Steam Inlet Tube
One Liebig Condenser
One Dropping Funnel, 100 ml
One Reducing Adapter
One Multiple Adapter
One 50 ml Round Bottom Flask
One 100 ml Round Bottom Flask
One 250 ml Round Bottom Flask
One 250 ml Erlenmeyer Flask
Three Stoppers
One Thermometer Pocket
One Receiver Adapter

Organic Lab Glassware Set: $199.00

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