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Deuterium Oxide

Deuterium Oxide


Deuterium Oxide
( Heavy Water )

chemical formula: D2O
( liquid )
High purity Deuterium Oxide (99.8% - 99.9% purity), also known as Heavy Water. Deuterium is an isotope of Hydrogen. As in a molecule of 'normal' water, two Hydrogen atoms are bound to an Oxygen atom. When the Hydrogen atoms are replaced with Deuterium, you've got Heavy water. Unlike the other isotope of Hydrogen known as Tritium, Deuterium is not radioactive. Deuterium Oxide is about 10% heavier than ordinary water (which is why it got the trade name of Heavy Water). Deuterium Oxide is often used to moderate Neutrons in nuclear reactors. It is somewhat slower evaporating than ordinary water and occasionally used in formulations where a slower evaporation time is useful. An ice cube made of Deuterium Oxide sinks in normal water. You can easily make pure Deuterium gas for Fusor experiments, etc. by running DC current through it and collecting the gas (electrolysis).
Supplied in leakproof Nalgene brand bottles.

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