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Replacement Belt for 400kV/600kV Van de Graaffs

Replacement Belt for 400kV/600kV Van de Graaffs


VDG Replacement Belt

>Replacement belt for our large 400kV and 600 kV Van de Graff machines. You really shouldn't need one of these, after all, the units come with a spare - and these really do last a very long time. However, if disaster struck and you need a spare, they are here. Belt works on either of the large VDG machines. Made of ozone resistant neoprene for long life.
Remember, nothing other than the rollers of the Van de Graaff should be touching the belt. The metal comb that picks up the electrical charge should be close to (about 1/8"), but never touching the belt.
If you allow the comb to rest on the belt, it will unnecessarily wear the belt out quickly.
These belts should last from many years even with heavy use.

VDG Replacement Belt: $59.50

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