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General Magnet Information

We only sell Neodymium Magnets - they are currently the most powerful magnets available.
They are much, much more powerful than common Ceramic magnets or old 'high power' ALNICO magnets. Unfortunately Neodymium magnets can be expensive, and very expensive for big Neodymium magnets.
All our magnets are the highest grade Neodymium, whatever the current highest grade available is for a particular magnet shape & size).

Even though our magnets are quite tough, they, like all Neodymium magnets, are made from from highly compressed metal powders coated with multiple layers of protective nickel & copper plating. They are still somewhat fragile need to be handled with proper care. Any Neodymium magnets that are allowed to fly together at full speed may chip or break - the larger the magnet, the greater the forces involved and the greater the chance of chipping or breakage. The magnetic fields from these magnets can affect each other from more than 12 inches away. Our magnets can easily bruise fingers and the larger ones can break finger bones and even crush hands as they attempt to connect together.
Always wear protective eyewear or safety goggles when handling the magnets. Keep magnets away from any magnetic based storage devices such as desktop or laptop computers, hard drives, floppy disks, cassette tapes, video tapes, or credit cards. A distance of at least 12" should be kept between magnets and these items at all times. Neodymium magnets are not suitable for small children to play with. If small magnets are ingested, they can connect together in parts of the digestive system, blocking proper operation and cause death. These magnets should only be handled under strict adult supervision.
Neodymium magnets will PERMANENTLY lose their magnetic properties
if they are heated above 180° Fahrenheit (80° C).

All Neodymium magnets are not created equal! You may find 'inexpensive' Chinese made Neodymium magnets for sale from time to time. The phrase "buyer beware" certainly applies here. We always try and stock the most powerful magnet available for any particular size & shape. There are plenty of inexpensive Neodymium magnets available... but they have just a small fraction of the magnetic power that our magnets have.
Like always, you get what you pay for. 


In addition to our regular Neodymium magnets, we also sell SuperMagnets.
SuperMagnets are very large & powerful Neodymium magnets. They are strong enough to break arm bones and even crush hands. The magnets listed as SuperMagnets can only be sold to adults and require an adult signature upon delivery. These are extremely dangerous and the danger increases dramatically if you are working with more than one SuperMagnet.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Magnets have a 'Theoretical Maximum Pull' listed for each one. This is the maximum pull that the quantity of Neodymium material used to make the magnet can obtain. This IS NOT an actual measurement of pull from the magnet. This value should only be used as a ballpark guide between magnet choices. Actual pull obtained depends on many variables.

1/8" Cube (pack of 25) New
1/4" Cube (pack of 12) New
1/2" Cube (Pack of 2) New
3/4" Cube New

3/4" Cube

1" Cube New

1" Cube

1/8" Sphere (pack of 12) New
1/4" Sphere (pack of 6) New
3/8" Sphere (pack of 2) New
1/2" Sphere (pack of 2) New
5/8" Sphere New

5/8" Sphere

3/4" Sphere New

3/4" Sphere

1" Sphere New

1" Sphere

1 1/4" Sphere New

1 1/4" Sphere

1 1/2" Sphere New

1 1/2" Sphere

2" Dia. x 1/4" thick Disc New
2" Dia. 1/2" thick Disc New
1/2" Dia. x 1/2" long Rod New
1/2" Dia. x 1" long Rod New
1/2" Dia. x 2" long Rod New
1/2" Dia. x 3" long Rod New
3/4" Dia. x 3/4" long Rod New
1" Dia. x 1" long Rod New

1" Dia. x 1" long Rod

1" Dia. x 1/4" thick Ring New
Supermagnet # 222 (2" Cube) New
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