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X-Ray Components

X-Ray Components

Commercial X-Ray tubes are very expensive and require Government licensing to legally purchase or own.
Fortunately, the amateur experimenter can assemble an X-Ray machine capable of producing very reasonable X-Ray images (radiographs) and conduct various experiments with this unique form of energy without the expense of a commercial X-Ray tube,
or the required licensing. It's easier, and less expensive than you probably thought.

An X-Ray machine constructed with our components.


Before you even consider assembling any sort of device that produces X-Rays, make sure you have a sensitive geiger counter or other radiation detector that will detect low energy X-Rays and that you are familiar with, and taking the proper safety precautions.
X-Rays, just like Gamma rays, are a type of invisible ionizing radiation. They are very penetrating, travel reasonable distances, and can be destructive to living tissue. Just like nuclear radiation, prolonged exposure to X-Rays can increase your chances of developing a localized cellular mutation, and in turn, a malignant form of Cancer in the exposed area.
Using some basic precautions, an X-Ray device can be safely constructed, but the temptation to intentionally X-Ray portions of your body must be avoided.
Once again, a Geiger Counter or other radiation detection instrument capable of detecting low energy X-Rays is absolutely mandatory if you plan on working with these components.


The heart of any X-Ray device is the tube. Fortunately, you can use something far less expensive than a professional X-Ray tube.
Certain older rectifier and receiving tubes that were common in transmitters and other devices of the era, produced generous amounts of X-Rays as an unwanted byproduct of their normal operation. Although these tubes aren't used in many devices today, plenty of brand new tubes are still around. Unfortunately, not every tube produces X-Rays of sufficient intensity to be useful. Only about 1 in 8 will actually output X-Ray radiation at an intensity useful to the experimenter. We painstakingly go through hundreds of these specialized tubes, individually testing and grading them for maximum X-Ray radiation output.
These select tubes are our X-Ray Tubes.

New X-Ray Tube

X-Ray Tube

New X-Ray Tube Socket

X-Ray Tube Socket

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