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'Trinitite', the name given to the desert sand that was
melted into glass by the heat of the first Atomic Bomb.

Early in the morning on July 16th, 1945, the first Atomic Bomb was detonated at the Trinity test site in the New Mexico desert. The nuclear explosion produced a blast equivalent of 18,000 tons of TNT and a ½ mile diameter fireball - with a temperature over 10 million degrees Fahrenheit, far hotter than the surface of the Sun. The intense heat melted the New Mexico desert sand into a light green, glass-like substance which was later named "Trinitite". The resulting crater lined with Trinitite was buried for security reasons not long after the explosion. As a result, authentic samples of Trinitite are quite rare and very difficult to obtain.
A few drums of Trinitite was saved from the burial... and this is that material.
Once it is gone, there will never be any more.
As supplies diminish, expect Trinitite prices to skyrocket.
All our Trinitite samples are tested & certified to be genuine,
and a certificate of authenticity is included with any Trinitite purchase.

Because of its scarcity and rapidly increasing value, there have been an increasing number of websites & individuals selling counterfeit Trinitite on the internet. To the untrained eye, this counterfeit Trinitite may seem genuine, but it certainly is not. Some of these people go to great lengths to make the trinitite appear genuine. The old adage "you get what you pay for" certainly applies here. The only sure fire way to determine if a sample is genuine, is to test it for remnants of the nuclear detonation - identifying specific radioactive fission isotopes using Gamma Spectroscopy.
Actual Trinitite contains specific radioactive isotopes - nuclear fission byproducts - that were melted into the sand during the fireball phase of the atomic bomb detonation. Under analysis, these specific isotopes show up as sharp peaks during spectral analysis. We test and analyze all our Trinitite samples in this way.
Some Trinitite counterfeiters have even gone so far as to add small amounts of radioactive material into their Trinitite to make it appear genuine - or re-melt smaller pieces together into larger more valuable sample.
Even sophisticated counterfeit samples such as these,
clearly show up as fakes during spectral analysis and testing for re-heating.
EVERY sample of Trinitite we sell is tested for authenticity,
and we absolutely guarantee it to be genuine.

A signed certificate of Authenticity and Radiation Measurement is included with all Trinitite samples.

Spectrographs are the only way to verify that a Trinitite sample is genuine. Spectrographs show the tell-tale peaks from the nuclear fission products (Am-241, Eu-152, Cs-137, etc.) left in the sample by the blast.
Click Here to see a spectrograph of our Trinitite

An independent researcher at Georgia Tech analyzed our Trinitie and provides additional interesting information as well as technical data, graphs & charts which can be found by Clicking Here


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