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Crystal Radios & Parts

Crystal Radios & Parts

The most amazing thing about Crystal Radios is that they require no power to operate.
They get their power from the radio broadcast itself - which is one reason why they generally require a longer antenna than modern radios. Crystal Radios are 'old time' radios that receive AM radio broadcasts and are typically built with a minimum of components. They remain absolutely fascinating at any age. We manufacture what we call the Ultimate Crystal Radio Kit. It is an outstanding Crystal Radio Kit when assembled, and comes complete with everything right down to the sandpaper, brush and wood stain. The kit is available in an easy-to-assemble version, a more complicated 'craftsman' kit for experienced builders, or even fully assembled. Also available is our Antenna Kit as well as components for those who wish to build their own Crystal Radio from scratch.

Antenna Kit New

Antenna Kit

Crystal Earphone New

Crystal Earphone

Crystal Headphones New

Crystal Headphones

Variable Capacitor New

Variable Capacitor


Max: 2
High Sensitivity Germanium Diode New
Germanium Crystal New

Germanium Crystal

Micro Resistor, 47K New

Micro Resistor, 47K

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