Death Ray parts

The Death Ray

High Power Infrared Laser Components

No self respecting Mad Scientist should be without one. In fact, you simply can't be a true blue Mad Scientist without your own...

Shatter glass from great distances, ignite flammable materials over 100 feet away, cut metal, and even chip away rock.
The Death Ray (actually a high power IR laser) produces an invisible beam of heat that will cut, drill or shatter materials, ignite wood, and in general, destroy a wide variety of things at great distances. Sounds cool? Yes, it is.

These hard-seal water cooled CO2 laser tubes feature long, trouble-free life. Built for continuous use they are highly reliable.
All kidding aside, these are obviously quite dangerous and certainly not anything a kid should be allowed to get his hands on.
Coupled with servo controlled mirrors, customers have built large foam sculpting machines, wood carving & cutting devices,
not to mention some fascinating flying insect control systems. On an educational note, if you're looking for a very unique and impressive science fair project or classroom demo, this will certainly fit the bill.

For obvious legal & liability reasons, we cannot sell a fully assembled Death Ray unit. Although we do joke about it, we really don't want you making any sort of weapon with these components. In reality, the power consumption of our Death Ray Tubes is quite high, making a portable weapon impractical, unless you drag a cart of batteries or long extension cord behind you. Although we cannot sell a completed unit, the components for this fascinating project are available. Simply choose the size/power Death Ray Tube you wish to use (40, 60, 80, or 100 watt) and connect it to one of our matching Death Ray Power Supplies. The only other thing needed is a coolant pump set. The finished unit can be as simple or complex as you choose. Lenses and mirrors can be used to steer or focus the beam. A basic layout and overall setup diagram and info is included with tube or power supply.
Please note that our Death Ray Tubes are all custom made to order.
Upon your order, our laser fabricator will manufacture a tube of the requested power. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Below is a short clip of our lowest power Death Ray Tube (20 watt) and its effect on glass:

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"Death Ray" T-Shirt

"Death Ray" T-Shirt

'Death Ray' T-Shirt 'Ask Me About My Death Ray' - a great conversation starter. For those of you that are actually planning on assembling a Death Ray from our components, this is the ideal shirt for you. Wile it may seem to an observer to be a...

..and up, based on selection.

Coolant Pump Set

Coolant Pump Set

To get your Distillation Apparatus, Condensers, or high power Laser Tubes operational you'll need a source of cool, running water. Our Coolant Pump Set includes a fully submersible pump and connecting tubing that will get you up and running in...


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