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New, Unique & Surplus Items

New, Unique & Surplus Items

Welcome to our New, Unique & Surplus page. It contains New items that will be part of our regular stock, one-of-a-kind items, rare samples, overstock products, broken/damaged items, discontinued products, Items we can't get more of, and things we just decided we no longer plan to sell. Item descriptions will state if the product is a New item, a Discontinued item, Damaged item, One-of-a-Kind, etc. The New items can also be found elsewhere on the site in their particular category.

New Gallium Metal

Gallium Metal

Sold Out High Power, Gigantic Solar Cell

High Power, Gigantic Solar Cell

New Liquid Metal Alloy - (Gallium, Indium, Tin)

Liquid Metal Alloy - (Gallium, Indium, Tin)

Sold Out Magnetic Stirrer w/Hot Plate

Magnetic Stirrer w/Hot Plate

New Mt. St. Helens 'Helenite'

Mt. St. Helens 'Helenite'

New Titanium Metal Plate

Titanium Metal Plate

New Titanium Metal Sheet

Titanium Metal Sheet

Sold Out Tritium Light Source - Green

Tritium Light Source - Green

New Uranium Acetate

Uranium Acetate

New Vacuum Desiccator

Vacuum Desiccator

New Sport Model Mug

Sport Model Mug

Sold Out Lithium Metal Foil/Sheet

Lithium Metal Foil/Sheet

Sold Out Mini Van de Graaff Generator

Mini Van de Graaff Generator

New Invisible UV Marker

Invisible UV Marker

New Metal Cans

Metal Cans

New Dual Electromagnet

Dual Electromagnet

New High Capacity Laboratory Scale

High Capacity Laboratory Scale

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