Thorium Metal Powder


Thorium Metal Powder

>Pure, elemental Thorium metal powder, certified 99.8%. Particle size is approximately 100 mesh. This is a sealed bottle and the Thorium powder inside is in an Argon atmosphere. The bottle looks like it's had a couple labels torn off of it in the past, but the current label is accurate and the Thorium powder inside is in perfect condition. The bottle contains 5 grams of Thorium metal powder. Thorium is a radioactive element and extremely difficult to obtain, even in the smallest quantities. This is the last of our Thorium - it took us 10 years to restock the last time we had any.
We only have this one bottle and have no idea when or if we'll ever see any again.

Thorium Metal Powder, 5 grams: $999.00

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