Radium (Ra)

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Radium (Ra)

> Radium metal is no longer produced or available - so, our Radium sample is a small quantity of a Radium illumination compound, Radium Chloride mixed with Zinc Sulfide. This material was used in the early 1900s to produce a variety of radioluminescent products. There were 2 different Radium based illumination mixtures made back in that time. One was for general consumer product uses - for clock & watch hands. It contained approximately 75 micrograms of Radium. The other was a military formulation containing 300 micrograms of Radium, which was used for military instrument illumination.
Our Radium element sample is the military Radium mixture.
Available as powder/chunks in a glass vial.
Includes clear storage/display container with lid & glass vial as shown.
NOTE: Radium and its compounds are radioactive & toxic.
This element is in very short supply, one per customer maximum.
You may also choose the foam insert color, either black or white (make selection below).

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