CARNOTITE & Fluorescent - 10,000 cpm - sample #0425

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URANIUM ORE: Carnotite
WEIGHT: 753 grams
SIZE: 6"

A giant sample at about 6" across and weighs a whopping 753 grams. We had to take several shots of this rock to give you a good idea of its size & features. The yellow band of Carnotite Uranium ore is clearly visible in the daylight photo. This is the hottest spot on the sample measuring about 10,000 CPM. Under UV (blacklight) several areas glow a nice orange color. The large size and fluorescent feature make this a great candidate for classroom instruction and would be a nice addition to any collection.
Note that Uranium ore will measure up to 10 times higher on 'pancake' style radiation detectors.
From the Poison Canyon area, north of Grants, New Mexico.
Please Note - all our Uranium Ore Samples are unique - that is, there is only one of each. As soon as it it sold, it is gone - and we have no guarantee that we will be able to restock a similar mineral sample.

As with all our Uranium ore samples, a certificate stating your sample's precise radiation measurement & associated information is included with your purchase. Click Here for more info.
Like all radioactive samples sold by United Nuclear, the radiation levels measured are combined Beta and Gamma radiation only. We never include Alpha radiation measurements or use 'pancake'/end window/scintillator type probes
as they produce a deceivingly high reading.

Radiation Level 'E' (9,500 - 12,000 CPM)

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