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Tesla Coil

Dual Resonant Solid State Tesla Coil

> If you've ever wanted a high power, full-size Tesla Coil, this is truly the one to get. Standing almost 3 feet tall, this is a 21st century Tesla Coil - no noisy spark gaps or bulky HV transformers that burn out. Built using modern MOSFET's and IGBT semiconductors, not only does it produce 2 foot long sparks, but the coil output can be modulated. It accepts any MIDI music source and will play music directly from the sparks themselves!
The included remote features manual mode and music mode. If you just want to see some impressive sparks and lightning effects, switch it to manual mode. Simply press the pushbutton to create bolts of lightning over two feet in length. Use the remote's two adjustment knobs to control the length and frequency of the lightning streams.
Switching to music (MIDI) mode and you can turn your favorite songs into beautiful quarter million volt singing sparks by connecting the remote to your computer or laptop with the (included) USB cord, and playing MIDI tracks with the Anvil Studio program (also included - and with very easy to understand instructions).
You can also rock like a Thunder God and turn your musical creativity into streams of neon blue electric arcs when you plug your midi keyboard or other midi outputting musical instrument to the remote.

Technical Specifications: This coil has overcurrent protection, incorporates a soft switching design, all of the electronics are housed in a grounded metal box to protect them from interference and arc strikes, etc... However, high power electronic parts can fail from time to time, and sending the entire Tesla coil back for repairs can prove to be a costly hassle. That's why these coils are designed so that if any one of these two basic parts fails, it can simply be unplugged from the coil, and sent back for repair or replacement.
The unit is 31 inches tall, base is 14X14 inches wide. Secondary coil is 22 inches long by 4.5 inches in diameter. The unit is topped with a spun aluminum toroid, 14.5" inches in diameter.
The remote utilizes state of the art fiber optic technology which gives the remote electrical isolation from the Tesla coil (which means you don't have to worry about an arc striking the remote cable and shocking you, or your laptop), and allows you to adjust the desired spark length and frequency from a distance of up to 15 feet away!
It's pushbutton activated, and manually adjustable from 60 to 250 arc bursts per second. Burst length, frequency, and midi notes are processed by an ATMEGA328 microcontroller.
The main switching transistors (four 3-pin IGBT's) are mounted on the inside of a grounded metal box. They can be replaced by simply sliding them out of their slots. This makes them easy for the hobbyist to swap out and experiment with different MOSFET's and IGBT's if desired. The unit is fused for safety. Input voltage is a standard three prong 120VAC U.S. standard voltage.

Construction Time: Please note, it will take about a week following submission of your payment before this system will be shipped out, as systems are produced as orders come in.

To insure damage free delivery, the Tesla Coil and accessories are shipped in a wooden crate. Operating instructions and associated software (music samples, etc.) are on an included CD. Due to the large size and weight, we do not recommend shipping outside the United States.

Tesla Coil, complete: $995.00

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