Wimshurst Static Electricity Generator


Wimshurst Generator

This is most likely the finest production Wimshurst Generator you'll find, our heavy duty Wimshurst Static Electric Generator is an easy to use and powerful high voltage generator. Two counter-rotating plates about 12" in diameter are supported in two rigid uprights and belt driven by a small hand crank. The plates are composed of heavy, high resistance plastic with sectors of aluminum sheets. Lyden jars ( condensers ) and the aluminum store electricity until discharged by the electrodes.
The device produces higher currents than a Van de Graaff Generator. Great for static electricity demonstrations and experiments. The entire unit is mounted on a 15 inch (380mm) x 9 inch (230mm) x 16.5 inch (420mm) base.
In testing the machine we found that with just 2 or 3 turns of the handle, the machine would produce a nice hefty, high current spark around 1.5" long (about 40,000 volts). Turning the crank faster & longer produces more voltage and longer sparks.

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