Radioactive Uranium Doped Beads

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Radioactive Uranium Doped Beads

under normal light

under Ultraviolet light (Blacklight)

Radioactive Uranium Doped Glass Beads (blobs), approximately 3/4" diameter.
These are clear Uranium glass 'blobs' that are rounded on the top and flat on the bottom.
They contain approximately 3% Uranium 238 ( by weight ).
This small amount of Uranium is added to the glass while it's still in the furnace and in a molten state.
As the Uranium dissolves into the red-hot glass, it takes on the tell-tale pale green color of Uranium Glass.
Because of the added Uranium in the glass, the marbles glow brightly under Ultraviolet light ( Blacklight ).
The small amount of radiation that the marbles emit will also register on sensitive Geiger Counters.
They do not emit high or dangerous levels of radiation, and are completely safe to handle.
Package of 3 beads with certificate of measured radiation.

Uranium Doped Beads, package of 3: $10.00

Sold Out
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