Radioactive Fiestaware

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Radioactive Fiestaware

Popular in the 1930s through 1960s, Fiestaware ceramic plates, cups and other dinnerware items were available with a bright red-orange glaze. The way they obtained this unique color was to add Uranium compounds to the ceramic glaze mix. It succeded in producing a new and attractive color, but the dinnerware was quite radioactive. Although there is no immediate harm to using the dinnerware for eating & drinking, it was surmized that over extended periods of time, with sufficiently acid foods and liquids, some of the Uranium compounds could possibly leatch out into the food. The glaze was eventually discontinued, but you can occasionally find Fiestaware (and a couple other brands of the time) dinnerware that was made with Uranium based glaze. Some are quite radioactive, measuring 30,000 CPM. The glaze color became nicknamed 'radioactive red' and these radioactive antiques are getting rare and difficult to find. Great for radiation demonstrations, classroom/educational use, as a geiger counter test source, and certainly an item for collectors. Depending on current availability, we may have Coffee Cups, Large Plates, or Small Plates (some small plates have indents for Coffee Cups). These all generally sell out quickly when available.

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