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General Information
All our Radioisotope sources are NRC Exempt 'safety sealed' sources. The radioactive material in the disks cannot be removed or altered - it is fused and part of the plastic/epoxy disk. The disks measure 1" in diameter and just under 1/8" thick.
These radioactive sources are low level and exempt from Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) regulations and licensing. They do not require any sort of special handling or storage, and they can be discarded with normal trash if they are no longer needed.
Since the quantities dealing with radioisotopes are so small (the actual amount of radioactive material in the disks is so small it is invisible to the eye), radioisotopes are sold by the 'microcurie' (uCi). The Curie (Ci) or Microcurie (uCi) is the standard unit of measurement dealing with radioactive isotopes. It is a measurement of radioactivity and is also used to express a quantity of radioactive material. 1 microcurie = 2.22 x 10E6 DPM (disintegrations per minute) or 2,220,000 CPM (counts per minute).

Calibration & Accuracy
All our Disk sources are within 20% of their stated value.
For an additional $130, Gamma sources can be specially manufactured and calibrated against the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Gamma radiation Standard. These calibrated sources will be accurate to within 5% of stated values and will include a calibration certificate.
Please call us if you wish to order a calibrated Gamma source.
Calibration is only available for gamma sources.

Below is a list of the currently available Disk sources, the type and energy of the radiation they emit, their half-life, and the activity (in microcuries) that are available. There are a variety of isotopes available that emit Gamma or Beta Radiation (or both), but there is only one isotope available emits Alpha radiation, Polonium-210. The Polonium-210 source disk is unique in construction and is an open window design. The source material is mounted in the recess of the plastic disc with an aluminized Mylar window. This design yields excellent transmission of Alpha particles without window losses.

Radioactive isotopes CAN NOT be shipped outside the USA
To ensure the longest half-life possible, all isotopes are fabricated to order and shipped directly to you from our NRC licensed nuclear isotope manufacturing facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
This ensures your radioactive sources are factory-fresh and haven't been sitting on the shelf decaying for months (or years).

Barium133 1uCi10.7 years Gamma: 81.0, 356.0
Cadmium1091uCi 453 days Gamma: 88.0
Cesium1371uCi 30.1 years Gamma: 32, 661.6
Beta: 511.6, 1173.2
Cesium137 5uCi30.1 years Gamma: 32, 661.6
Beta: 511.6, 1173.2
Cesium13710uCi30.1 years Gamma: 32, 661.6
Beta: 511.6, 1173.2
Cobalt571uCi270 days Gamma: 122.1
Cobalt601uCi5.27 years Gamma: 1173.2, 1332.5
Europium1521uCi13.5 years Gamma: 121.8, 344.3, 1408.0
Manganese541uCi312 days Gamma: 834.8
Sodium221uCi2.6 yearsGamma: 511.0, 1274.5
Strontium900.1uCi28.5 yearsBeta: 546.0
Thallium2041uCi3.78 yearsBeta: 763.4
Polonium2100.1uCi138 daysAlpha: 5304.5
Zinc651uCi244 daysGamma: 511.0, 1115.5

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