Cloud Chamber Sources


Cloud Chamber Sources

> Cloud Chambers are popular science fair projects as well as common research instruments used in the study of nuclear physics. They create a specialized environment that allows the operator to see tracks produced by high speed nuclear particles. The area inside Cloud Chambers is quite limited and for most demonstration purposes, a fairly active radioactive source is required to produce reasonable tracks. One option is to buy specialized radioactive isotopes but they are somewhat expensive at around $80 each and the half life of some of the more popular ones is only around 138 days. Enter our Cloud Chamber Sources. These are small, but are very active ore samples for their size - consisting mainly of pure radioactive material with a minimal amount of inert rock. Ideal for Cloud Chambers, but also perfect for other experiments & applications that require a high level of radiation in a small space. Most are pure ore crystals such as Uraninite and produce a very nice display of Alpha and Beta particle tracks. Less expensive than isotopes and with a half life of billions of years, they are your best buy for Cloud chamber use. The activity obviously varies tremendously from sample to sample, but they are generally in the 10,000+ CPM range.

The small ore sources can vary in size, shape and composition, but the image above shows what they typically look like.
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