URANINITE - SuperGrade - 42,000 cpm - sample #0501

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URANIUM ORE: Uraninite
WEIGHT: 92 grams
SIZE: 2"

This is a high radiation level ore - known as 'SuperGrade', measuring over 42,000 CPM. It is a primary Uranium ore, essentially pure Uranium Oxide. Similar to Pitchblende, which is the same material but bulbous in appearance, Uraninite is more of a crystalline form of Uranium Oxide. There is little inert rock in this sample. A nice size at over 2" across, it is a great sample for collectors. It is also a powerful radiation source for experiments. Recommended for professional collectors only due to the high radiation level.
Uranium ore will measure up to 10 times higher on 'pancake' style radiation detectors.
From Clear Creek County, Colorado.
Like all radioactive samples sold by United Nuclear, the radiation levels measured are combined Beta and Gamma radiation only. We never include Alpha radiation measurements or use 'pancake'/end window/scintillator type probes
as they produce a deceivingly high reading.

Radiation Level 'O' (39,500 - 42,000 CPM)

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