Thorium Metal


Thorium Metal

Thorium Metal
chemical element: Th
Thorium Metal(metal strip)Thorium Metal
Very high Purity Thorium metal strip. Thorium is a chemical element (atomic number 90) with a melting temperature of 3,182 °F (1,750 °C). Pure, Thorium metal is virtually impossible to come by. So little is manufactured these days, that what small amount that becomes available, winds up being extremely expensive.
We have had a waiting list of customers looking for some for over 6 years.
Our pure Thorium metal is ideal for element collectors, those conducting experiments with genuine Thorium metal, or for the fabrication of exotic Thorium compounds. Thorium is a hard, radioactive metal with a density of 11.7g/cm³. All isotopes of Thorium are radioactive, Thorium-232 accounts for virtually all the natural Thorium metal, the 6 other isotopes are present only in trace quantities. It has the longest half life of all the significantly radioactive elements, 14.05 billion years.
Thorium decays slowly through alpha decay to Radium-228.
Our Thorium metal samples are thin strips, approximately 0.24 mm thick. Our sample measures about 2 mm wide x 8 mm long and is sealed in a glass tube. If you are considering purchasing a sample we would advise to do so. We do not expect to see any more and considering the last time we were able to get any was a decade ago, it might be a long wait. Due to the extremely limited availability, we must limit purchases to two per customer.
Caution: Use normal safety precautions (wear a filter mask/respirator and gloves) if cutting or machining Thorium metal. Accidental inhalation or ingestion of Thorium particles can be dangerous. Grinding or sanding Thorium metal will produce fine, airborne particles that can spontaneously ignite producing radioactive smoke which can cause harm if inhaled.

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