Meteorite - sample #401 - museum quality


Campo del Cielo Meteorite
275 grams
This is a large, heavy Iron/Nickel meteorite sample - weighing 4,580 grams (10+ pounds!) and measuring 7" x 5" x 3".
This is a large, museum quality sample - a supreme addition to even the most professional meteorite collection or a great sample for someone interested in owning a large, impressive authentic meteorite that few can match.

The heavy weight of Nickel/Iron meteorites make them instantly impressive when picked up and held in your hand. It is an authentic Campo del Cielo solid metal (Nickel/Iron) Meteorite, excavated in the Chaco Province of Northern Argentina. Meteorite samples can be extremely expensive, and prices skyrocket as samples get larger.

Site Location: Latitude 27 degrees 39 minutes South, Longitude 61 degrees 44 minutes West.
Composition: 94% Iron, 6% Nickel
Time of Impact: 4,000 to 6,000 years ago.
Age of Specimen: 4.6 Billion years.

History: The first record of a specimen recovered was in 1576. A Spanish Governor learned of the 'Iron rocks' from the Indians, who reportedly believed the rocks had fallen from the Heavens. The Governor sent an expedition under the command of Captain De Miraval, who brought back a few samples of a huge iron mass he called 'Meson De Fierro' (Large Table of Iron). The location of the find was the Campo Del Cielo (Field of the Heavens). These Meteorites are among the oldest items in the known universe with an estimated age of over 4.6 billion years.

All Meteorite samples include a certificate of authenticity.

Meteorite Sample #401: $2,900.00

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